Briefcases for Men Kenneth Cole Reaction 537735

A lot of people have been buzzing about the Kenneth Cole Reaction 537735.  This product is certainly among the top briefcases for men.  If you are in the hunt for a good looking and functional briefcase at a reasonable cost, this is certainly the product you should buy.


Briefcases for Men – Kenneth Cole Reaction 537735 Main Features

Kenneth Cole Reaction 537735


Finding a cases that make good briefcases for men can be a really time consuming due to the amount of research involved.  You don’t want to buy a briefcase to have it fall apart in a few weeks or even be bigger than you want.  With this Kenneth Cole briefcase, you will certainly find all that you are looking for.  This is the perfect product if you are looking for something that is durable, rugged, but yet casual for everyday use and travel.  This product comes with the following key features:

  • Spacious with a top zip double gusset construction
  • It comes with zippered pockets in front which can be used to organize accessories and business essential
  • The front compartment comes with three cushioned top pockets and two dividers suitable for files and documents
  • The rear compartment is for laptops of up to 17.3 inches
  • It also features a checkpoint friendly scan feature which follows TSA guidelines.  With this, there is no need to remove your laptop when passing checkpoints or airport security.  Very few briefcases for men have this handy feature!

With all these excellent features, you would certainly expect to pay more than a hundred dollars for this briefcase.  Amazon however is almost giving it away for a price less than $50!  Amazon is truly a great way to shop online with the huge discounts that you can get from this remarkable deals.

Kennet Cole Reaction 537735 – Great Style

Unlike other briefcases for men, is a great mix of business and style.  It is very well built with excellent material giving it a durable feel.  It comes with heavy zippers and nice pockets and sturdy handles to accommodate the weight of your laptop and files.  Also, the compartments, work nicely with plenty of storage space.  Not all brief cases for men offer as much protection for a laptop as this one.  It is certainly a good choice if you own a 17” laptop and plenty of gadgets.  Why have a brief case and a laptop case when this one will do both jobs perfectly!

Also, in contrary to many briefcases for men, this one is not that wide making it perfect for stylish men who are always on the go.  Plus, there are lots of full pocket sections where you can put your notebooks, documents, and other items.  The only downside with this product is that the shoulder strap clip may fall out of place at times, but this rarely happens and can be easily remedied by securing the clip tight on the strap.

Overall, the Kenneth Cole Reaction 537735 is an amazing find in a sea of briefcases for men.  The quality is superb, the design and style also deserve high star ratings.  Most importantly, the price is something you will not hesitate about, especially when buying it online.

Briefcases for Men – Samsonite Classic Flapover

Those who are in the hunt for quality briefcases for men at great prices will surely love the Samsonite Classic Flapover Briefcase (Black).  It is a reliable product that offers a great value for your money making it commonly recommended product on the market today.


Briefcases for Men – Samsonite Classic Flapover Briefcase – Features

Samsonite Classic Flapover Briefcase (Black)

Searching for the best briefcase can be incredibly difficult especially when you are looking at brief cases for men.  However, if you want something that is stylish, sleek, yet looks a bit casual, this one is certainly a great fit.  This product comes with the following great features:

  • It comes with a top carry handles that are properly cushioned and wrapped
  • SmartPocket slides right on top of the handles for trouble-free mobility
  • The padded shoulder straps can be adjusted and removed for increased functionality and comfort
  • The laptop compartment is cushioned to guard your laptop from force and other elements
  • Product dimensions are as follows: 12” W x 4.5” H x 16.5” D and weighs about 2.8 pounds

Surely, this Samsonite item is one of the most expensive briefcases for men out there.  Though it may seem unbelievable, you can get this product for only $41.33 on Amazon.  So, from its original listing price of $120, you can save up to 66% on this high quality product.

Samsonite Classic Flapover Briefcase – A Closer Look

Generally, this product is a great briefcase for any job or purpose, but when buying briefcases for men we need qualities that we will respect for months maybe even years to come.  Basically, this product is something that is really stylish and roomy able to hold all your essentials including your laptop while helping to protect your items and papers on a daily basis.  On the inside, you will find two compartments which both work for laptops.  This makes it possible to carry two laptops or a laptop plus books and other documents.

Moreover, it features extra pockets on the exterior surface, but these are not large enough to fit bigger items.  One pocket is just a thin space where you can slide down documents, folders or any items to prevent them from being curled up.  Also, there is a slot located in front which is ideal for pens, a stylus, and/or any of your other gadgets.  This really stands out in store when looking at briefcases for men.

On its flap, you will see another pocket where you can store other items like your wallet or ID cards as it is accessible and handy.  The only possible drawback with this product are the clips located on its shoulder strap.  They have a tendency to be at an awkward angle or loose position.  That said this happens very rarely and can be resolved easily by arranging the clips tightly.  This is a common issue for most briefcases for men that are on the market today.

Overall, the Samsonite Classic Flapover Briefcase is a great find since it is neat and simple yet of high quality.  Plus the price is something that will really convince you to make a purchase and grab the deal when you see it!

Briefcases for Men – Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17” Toploader In Black Review

When looking at briefcases for men it is important to consider everyday use and travel.  The Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17” Toploader in black is certainly a great find.  It comes from one of the leading manufacturers of quality bags and briefcases for men.


Samsonite Classic Two Gusset Features

Businessmen who need to carry their laptop with them will certainly benefit from this product. Among briefcases for men it is a necessity to get hold of a briefcase that will really make life more organized and less complicated.  This Samsonite briefcase comes with some great features:

Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17” Toploader In Black

  • SmartPocket slides located above the upright handles for increased mobility
  • Bale handles are wrapped for enhanced comfort
  • It comes with an adjustable, removable, padded shoulder strap
  • It features stash pockets in front for fast and easy access
  • The laptop compartment is also padded for more protection
  • It is made from rugged ballistic 1680D nylon for more durability
  • The laptop compartments measure 17 inches so it will fit most laptop sizes
  • It comes with a 3 year global warranty from Samsonite

In general, high quality briefcases for men cost more than a hundred dollars. However, you will be surprised when you realize you can get this one for only $35.16!  Amazon is practically giving it away with their 71% discount.  So, do not miss the opportunity to avail of huge savings for such an amazing product.

Samsonite Classic Two Gusset – A durable briefcase for men

This is one of the best sellers in the field of briefcases for men on.  It is lighter than most products with a weight of 2.6 pounds.  Product dimensions are as follows: 12.5” W x 4.5” H, 17.8” D.  With such measurements, it can contain laptops as large as 17 inches.  Looking for a nice briefcase that fits a large laptop is now easy.

Also, unlike many briefcases for men, this one comes with many zippered compartments where you can store additional items.  Plus, it comes with a highly durable luggage strap located on its back which is perfect if you are searching for a briefcase with straps.  If you want one without the strap just remove it.  This briefcase also has a nice compartment that can hold and organize smaller items such as ID cards and pens.

The material is also very durable and has a tough feel to it.  It is constructed very well with heavy duty zippers, nice handles, and deep pockets. The only possible disadvantage with this product is that the pockets are a bit tight for some items to fit through the zipper.  The interior of the pockets work great at protecting your sensitive documents.

Overall, the Samsonite Classic Two Gusset is a great deal among briefcases for men.  It is of high quality and stays intact even after months of rugged use.  It is also very functional and worth the price making it a must buy for men who are looking for a dependable, but affordable briefcase.  So stop over on today to pick up your very own Samsonite Classic Two Gusset 17” Toploader In Black.